About Green Country Home Buyers

Who we are

Green Country Home Buyers is a locally owned and operated business run by 
John and Christy Berry.

John and Christy have been real estate investors since 2005, and have made it their mission to become leaders in real estate so that they can help the community find new and creative ways to buy and sell houses.

Over the last decade, John and Christy have bought and sold many houses in the Oklahoma market. Having gone through both good and bad markets, they know how to stay on the cutting edge of what is working in today's market. 

This is the key to how they are able to offer the best prices and terms for the homeowners that they work with, and how they can employ more strategies than many other home buyers.

Where we are featured

John and Christy Elite Real Estate Leaders Amazon Bestseller

#1 Best Seller on Amazon

John and Christy launched their book, Elite Real Estate Leaders Volume 2: An Introduction To Elite Real Estate Leaders, February 25, 2018, which climbed to the #1 Bestseller status on Amazon on the day of release.

John and Christy share their passion in helping both investors and homeowners, as well as their vision for how they will continue to grow and help people in their communities.
Green Country Home Buyers on God Made Millionaire

Featured on God Made Millionaire

John and Christy were featured as the 8th guests to appear on God Made Millionaire TV, a show by TC Bradly that is created for those with God Given Dreams that want to turn into a 7 figure business.

John and Christy shared their story to the community and their journey into real estate investing in Oklahoma.

The episode premiered April 12, 2020, and you can check it by clicking here.
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